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Bia360: Advanced CAE management

The most versatil CAE platform on the market.
Coordinates, manages and validates the documentary requirements between customers, contractors and subcontractors.
We are expert consultants in Coordination of Businesses Activities with more than 12 years of experience and important industrial clients.


Save time

Your time is very important, with Bia360 you will have more time to get on with your business.
Our document requirements management platform will help you to upload the documentation once and send it for validation to any client, whether or not they are a user of Bia360.


More easy

Bia360 is the most user-friendly platform on the market. No need to be an expert.
Using a state-of-the-art user interface, you can complete the usual tasks of validation and delivery of documental requirements in a more agile and fast way. With Bia360 all your information is always just a mouse click away.


Conforms to regulatory requirements

You will have the documentation of your workers and contracts under control.
We are aware of the importance of data in your company. In Bia360 the first thing is security and therefore we put at your disposal the most reliable mechanisms of connection and data storage.

La most advanced CAE platform of the market

Bia360 is a very configurable web platform that adapts to both general and specific scenarios.

Multiple profiles

Multiple usage profiles. With Bia360 you can work as industrial property or as a contractor in a simple and integrated way

Share your documentation

Share in real time with your clients your documentation, no matter if they are Bia360 clients or not

Spherical concept

You will be able to exchange documentation with both your contractors and with your clients. Upload a document and make it available at the click of a button

Unified dashboard

Perform all CAE management from a single dashboard where you will be asked in an organized manner to fulfill the documental requirements that are invalid

Change the way you relate to your customers and contractors. With Bia360 and its spherical concept, forget about complexities of CAE management

Why Bia360?

Bia360 is a fast, modern, secure and adapted to the needs of our customers.


  • All under control. Complete the vast majority of your management actions from our smart dashboard.
  • Delegate in your contractors. Create users for your contraators and receive their documentation for validate it.
  • Receive alerts. Don't be on the lookout for expirations. Bia360 will be for you.
  • Official documentation. Bia360 processes automatically your ITA or TC2 among others.
  • Access control. Always up to date. Allow the entry or not of operators depending on the pending documentation.
  • Preventive documentation. As a property you will also be able to manage all the preventive documentation of your organization.

Get to know Bia360 with our video presentation

We are a platform adapted to the needs of our clients, whether they are companies that receive workers or contractors, or come to other work centers. Discover the power of our CAE management system.

Control your spending with ease thanks to our single rate

Transparent rates. With the Bia360 single-rate model, control your bill thanks to its pay-per-use model. With a small monthly fee and payment per resource, calculating your expense can't be easier.

Single rate

54 / month
  • + 0,3 euros/ resource (worker, work equipment, ...)
  • Unlimited space forever
  • Technical phone support
  • Bia360 spherical concept
  • Send documentation to non-Bia360 companies
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